Construction Works

We have a significant ability and construction experience in a wide variety of projects both buildings and infrastructure that interconnects and our other activities as the design, management, monitoring, control and testing. This integrated approach enables us to optimize the cost of living for new buildings and infrastructure, providing a better overall benefit

Design Works

Our company has the ability either with its staff or in collaboration with other scientists, to provide engineering design at all stages (35% design, final design, construction plans and as built plans) for construction, electromechanical, hydraulic, energy projects, lighting projects, fire protection and fire detection, CCTV systems, HVAC systems, control systems, etc.

Project & Construction Management - Comprehensive Implementation Programme

A Comprehensive Implementation Program (CIP) is applied, which aims to further improve the whole design and construction and reduce the probability of exceeding the schedule and budget. Through IPD collaboration among project owners, designers and constructors is improved, and informed decision making in the early stages of the project, when the highest value can be given on it is encouraged.

We offer efficient project management, emphasizing the responsible service and cost-effective approaches, which enable us to provide solutions while keeping costs at acceptable levels. The projects are managed in accordance with the standards and regulations of IPMA, properly adjusted to meet specific operational and contractual demands of each project.