. Office spaces 150 sq.m. at Dimitrakaki Street 15, in Chania

. Mobile prefabricated worksite offices with a total surface area of 160 sq.m.

. Covered (200) and outdoor (1000 m2) storage spaces for construction materials and equipment

. 4 mobile warehouse (containers).


In addition, our company offers equipment for construction works, tools and accessories for plumbing and electrical work.

Moreover, The maintenance of production equipment to the desired levels of reliability and productivity ensured by applying preventive maintenance programs, while ensuring the required accuracy of measuring and test equipment is achieved by the application of the Calibration periodic inspection.


Construction projects require effective cooperation and coordination between several participants in the project. This can be significantly improved with the use of timely and reliable communication and proper information management among all team members.

Recognizing the importance of the matter, the SMART Construction invested primarily in the creation of an integrated ICT system that ensures compliance with the aforementioned, both in its headquarters and in worksites


SMART CONSTRUCTION SA provides equipment, manpower and engineers experienced in actual operating conditions as well as design criteria and the latest techniques and practices for HVAC TAB Works.

For use in field testing, balancing and adjusting mechanical and HVAC systems, Air and Water Sides, we own and maintain a large inventory of specialized test equipment. We test for HVAC Air and Water Systems, Sound Vibration and Controls